Dear Nellie,

The human beast is obsessed with entertainment. From those days when you and your surrogate family were paraded down the main streets to the "big top" , when the three rings of excitement came to town, and now with our constant stream of buzzing screens.

Our insatiable spectacle fetish keeps growing , it seems our addiction to it will never end. We've found never ending streams of indulgence , constantly bombarding ourselves with illusions of importance. We are stubborn beasts who didn't learn a thing from you; your dance in a savanna sanctuary and the tranquility of your days spent in the hot African sun. Nope, we didn't learn a thing , we still kidnap your babies from abroad for the circus and we still kill your family members for ivory trinkets . I'm still trying to fathom the violent acts my species continually commits for the sake of entertainment and consumption. Unfortunately the centuries of slaughter and violence directed at your family are only a hint of our barbaric capabilities.

I think of you in the hot Savannah sun , the bright rays beating down on your back and your face of cheer. I think about your eyes of kindness , your graceful movement but mostly your mysterious connection to our earth. You're always an inspiration , your peacefulness , your loyalty and closeness to loved ones, and your ethereal calmness.

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