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A Specialist

I gave my doctor a checkup , he was in horrible conditioning. All of his vital organs were infested with dogma . His sensitivity was failing miserably and he could only speak in pharma . His white lab coat had completely absorbed into his flesh and he couldn’t hear a word I was saying . He was miserable and I was hoping to find a specialist who could heal him from his ailments . I searched for more pages online but all the pages were exactly the same. His nurse burst into the room screaming about pathogens and reeking of despair . “You’ll have to chop off his head “ , as she pulled out a cleaver from her gown. “Do it fast and he won’t feel a thing. I’ll prepare a tank of mustard gas to scorch the parasites”. A sterility pandemic was filling the room , the stench was suffocating so I floated to the top to get some air …

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